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15.6 — 3.9.2018 Extra Muros



Un été pas comme les autres dans une rue pas comme les autres

Walk the Line by Socialmatter

For the 2018 edition of un été pas comme les autres dans une rue pas comme les autres , the non-profit organisation Rue Philippe II asbl wanted to put a focus on design. As part of the Design City* festival, it commissioned a temporary intervention in Rue Philippe II from Socialmatter's Charles Baudouin and Giacomo Piovan.

Socialmatter's project Walk the Line makes passersby discover Rue Philippe II from a unique angle - in every sense of the word. Aiming to establish a relationship between the street and its users, Baudouin and Piovan conceived an installation that can only be seen in full from a single point of view thanks to a play with perspectives. When viewed from this specific point, the installation presents itself as a line floating in the air. While inviting viewers to discover "the full picture" of their anamorphic installation, Socialmatter also seek to stimulate social contact and exchange around their work. Walk the Line will be inaugurated "above" Rue Philippe II and Avenue de la Porte-Neuve on 15 June 2018 as part of the Fête de la Musique.

Socialmatter is a design studio based in Luxembourg that combines Giacomo's expertise in social design and Charles's creativity as a product designer. Together, they design products and interactive interventions in public spaces aimed at encouraging social interaction.

As in previous years, the project implemented in the framework of Look up was initiated by the Retailers' Association of Rue Philippe II in partnership with Casino Luxembourg - Forum d'art contemporain and Luxembourg City Council.

*Le design sera aussi à l'honneur du 19.10 au 18.11.2018 pour la 5e édition de Design City - LXBG Biennale

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