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Casino Luxembourg


Photo : Patty Neu.


In the freshly restored Casino Luxembourg - Forum d'art contemporain, the ca(fé)sino, in the former Salons Saint-Hubert, opened its doors on 23 March 2016 to celebrate the festivities of twenty years of the art centre and its reopening after renovations.

Johan Herelixka and Laurent Bouchend'Homme have created this new, very personal location together, in the heart of Luxembourg. The new venue is a rebirth of the over-a-centenary-old culinary and cultural history of the legendary Casino Luxembourg in a chic brasserie spirit. The ca(fé)sino offers the inimitable atmosphere of the French art of living, locally. You'll be able to come and taste seasonal dishes offered by the chef and his team, spontaneous daily menus served every day except Tuesdays, as well as cakes and pastries, and savoury snacks.