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Casino Luxembourg


Elsa M'bala. Photo : Mona Namer.

21.3.2019 at 20:00

Elsa M’bala & Tatiana Heuman

artist(s): Elsa M’bala, Tatiana Heuman

Elsa M'bala (voice, live electronics)
Tatiana Heuman

Concert at Casino Luxembourg, in partnership with Philharmonie Luxembourg.

Being a black woman artist living between Europe and Africa - this is the experience that inspired Elsa M'bala for her performances, in which she melds her field recordings, made in Cameroon and Germany, with electronic sounds.

Reservations  : | T +352 26 32 26 32 

Admission: 10 € 
Venue: Casino Luxembourg 


In collaboration with: Philharmonie Luxembourg.


Elsa M'bala. Photo : Mona Namer.