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Young folks 12 - 19 yearsWorkshop

23.3.2019 from 11:00 to 13:00 Luxembourg City Film Festival


artist(s): Laura Mannelli, Frederick Thompson, Jamil Mehdaoui

Workshop with Laura Mannelli, Frederick Thompson and Jamil Mehdaoui.

In the framework of the Luxembourg City Film Festival.

Emotion(s)xr is an immersive experience proposed by the collective REVV (Réminiscences Émotives de Vécus Virtuels) founded by Laura Mannelli and Frederick Thompson. This creative collective specialises in the creation of digital projects. It is an XR workshop ("extended" or "cross reality") in which reality, VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) are mixed.

At the beginning of the workshop the participants immerse themselves in a "black continent", infinite, lethargic and without emotions. Barely recognizable are slight pulsations in the form of scattering pixels, each pixel causing a very special emotion. Virtual space, abstract and without physical constraints, this no-man's-land becomes an accelerator of sensations and an aggregator of emotions. What emotional traces do the participants leave behind on the "black continent"?

The purpose of this workshop is to develop a collective emotional footprint, where each individual has the opportunity to identify their participation, that of their group and that of the community of all participants during the five-day workshop. Once the emotional architecture is completed by the end of the week, an AR will be made visible on a tablet.


- Exploring the awareness of emotions through color theory.
- Experimenting with Extended Reality (XR).

Practical info

Young Folks workshop > 13 years
Number of participants: 12
Admission: 7 €, free with the Kulturpass

Reservation open until 19.03.2019 : | T +352 22 50 45


In collaboration with: Script.
In partnership with: ING.
In the framework of the Luxembourg City Film Festival.