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Casino Luxembourg


Darren Emerson, Witness 360. DR.

9.3.2017 at 19:00 Luxembourg City Film Festival

Immersion, empathy, action? Going beyond documentation with VR

Round table "virtual reality".
Within the framework of Pavillon Réalité Virtuelle at Casino's Aquarium.

Presentation: Mandy Rose (Director of the Digital Cultures Research Centre, University of the West of England in Bristol, UK and co-Director of i-Docs).

With: Catherine Allen (BBC), Thomas Hecquet (Animal Equality), Jérémy Sahel (CEO Da Prod), Cody Karutz (director The Crystal Reef), Madeline Power (CRS VR Lab, 371 Productions), Tageblatt.

This round table will explore issues surrounding editorial decisions and artistic choices in impactful VR content and documentaries, and will highlight the technical tools, storytelling devices, ethical problems and/or viewers' expectations that influence these decisions. 

Round table at the InfoLab of Casino Luxembourg. Free entry, subject to availability.


Darren Emerson, Witness 360. DR.