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Casino Luxembourg


© Lisemarie van Loon

8 — 9.12.2018 from 10:00 to 17:00

Join the Subjective Atlas of Luxembourg

artist(s): Annelys de Vet

Workshop with Annelys de Vet, designer

What does it mean to live in Luxembourg from a social and cultural point of view? What are the issues ?

How to subjectively map the imperatives, sensitivities and complexities linked to it?

15 artists, designers, and other creatives from Luxembourg are invited to raise their visual voices during a two-day workshop organised at Casino Luxembourg. Guided by the designer Annelys de Vet, contributors of the Luxembourg Subjective Atlas are invited to share their personal experiences, their intuitions and their multiple visions of the Luxembourg context.


In the context of Design City LX Festival.

More workshops will be organised in early 2019.


© Lisemarie van Loon