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Casino Luxembourg


30 — 31.3.2019 at 17:00

La quintessence de la nuit – Fire Watch at the Casino

artist(s): Petros Haffenrichter, Lëtzebuerger Guiden a Scouten


5 - 7 pm: Yoga class and music by artist and yogi Petros Haffenrichter and yoginis Magali Lehners and Alexandra Colombo (Jivamukti Yoga Luxembourg). Registration for yoga class: 55€
7 - 8.30 pm: Piano concert by Petros Haffenrichter, with the participation of the public. Booking for the piano concert: € 10 / € 1.50 with the Kulturpass 
From 8.30 pm: Free expression on the Alexandre David's platforme (Untitled, 2018). Open for all.
2 am: Change to summer time (we set the clock one hour forward!)

During the whole night:

Fire watch with the Lëtzebuerger Guiden a Scouten
Free expression (music, meditation, dance, sharing,…)
Possibility to spend the night at Casino Luxembourg (please bring sheets and/or sleeping bag)
Bring your own snacks and drinks

A true hymn to meditation, the current exhibition Buveurs de quintessences presents artists in search of transcendence whose work focuses on the experience and less on the work as such. With minimal works, apparently empty of content, ephemeral and furtive, the exhibition is positioned against the current of "the society of the show" and calls for a reflection beyond the gaze.

A hymn to stillness and togetherness
It is in this context that we bring to you a night watch at the Casino. The Lëtzebuerger Guiden a Scouten will be responsible for the fire watch inside the museum itself, made possible by the fireplace stove installed on the first floor for the project Fire in the Museum (2008/2018) by one of the artists of the exhibition, János Sugár. Everyone is invited to join the Scouts for the maintenance of the fire.

Another sharing point is Alexandre David's wooden platform (Untitled, 2018), an integral part of the exhibition, which here will offer a meditation space for participants of a yoga class taught by Petros Haffenrichter (Munich), specially invited by Magali Lehners and Alexandra Colombo, both yoginis at Jivamukti Yoga Luxembourg. The session will be followed by a concert by the artist and yogi himself. The platform is embellished with a piano (in honor of the Piano Day of the day before), and all those who wish are invited to get together after the concert to play music and jam. Other instruments of course welcome. The goal is to make the platform a place of free expression, where meditation, play, music, drawing, readings and dance can coexist in harmony.

Join us this Saturday, March 30 to celebrate the transition to summer time under the best auspices.

Petros Haffenrichter, multi-instrumentalist, singer, eternal student and teacher in sound, movement, color and sacred thought, approached music in a variety of angles, from world music to modal music, from electronic music to compositions for meditation and Indian devotional songs. He has played several projects around the world in the last 20 years.$

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In collaboration with Jivamukti Yoga Luxembourg