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Lee Stevens © Paul Niedermayer.

© Luxembourg Art Week

9 — 11.11.2018 Extra Muros

Luxembourg Art Week 2018

For the third time in a row, Casino Luxembourg is a partner of the LUXEMBOURG ART WEEK.

This year again, Luxembourg Art Week, in partnership with other institutions, has imagined a rich and varied program of lectures, readings and performances enabling everyone to become familiar with the aesthetic, political and social issues of art.


Class Trip

Curator: Casey Detrow

Artists: Andrew Black, Xenia Taniko, Paul Niedermayer, Mary-Audrey Ramirez, Lee Stevens, Vince Tillotson

The starting point of Class Trip are the social origins and history of two pastimes: the picnic and the safari. While both are synonyms of leisure, travel and entertainment, they are also, traditionally speaking, foremost (neo)colonial, bourgeois activities.

Class Trip seeks - not without humour - to invert the gaze through a lens that centres on a queering of gender, a critical class consciousness, and a postcolonial approach to art production. Considering the site-specific nature of the Luxembourg Art Week art fair, Class Trip works around the idea of economic voyeurism as a form of art consumption and encourages viewers to consider who is controlling the narrative of art production. Class Trip includes the work of six artists based in Berlin, Glasgow and Luxembourg whose pieces run the gamut from dark emotional and political morbidity to a bright, amusing extravaganza, incorporating both high-brow and low-brow aesthetics and meanings the interpretation of which remains up to the viewer.

Art Talks

Accompanying the publication of the 2018/2019 edition of DADADA magazine, Maison Moderne and Casino Luxembourg are hosting the programme of Art Talks at LUXEMBOURG ART WEEK, Halle Victor Hugo 60, avenue Victor Hugo L-1750 Luxembourg

Every day between 13:00 and 13:45, Luxembourgish artists and/or other actors from the local scene are invited to exchange their views on a given topic.


With Casey Detrow, Mary-Audrey Ramirez and Vince Tillotson
Host: Bettina Heldenstein, Casino Luxembourg

Berlin is probably not only the most renowned and dynamic art scene in Europe today, but also the most diverse. The exhibition  Class Trip presents several young artists from this scene, including Mary-Audrey Ramirez (b. 1990 in Luxembourg), who graduated as Meisterschüler of Professor Thomas Zipp at the Berlin Universität der Künste in 2016, and Vince Tillotson (b. 1989 in Luxembourg), who also graduated as Meisterschüler of Professor Thomas Zipp  at the Berlin Universität der Künste in 2017 and has been a board member of Schwules Museum Berlin since 2016.

Class Trip is curated by Casey Detrow (b. 1988 in the USA; lives and works in Luxembourg and Berlin). Detrow's curatorial approach is informed by feminist theories and Marxist feminism, which centre on a critical analysis of society from the perspective of gender, race and class, and their impact on everyday life.

With Catherine Lorent and Filip Markiewicz
Host: Céline Coubray, editor-in-chief , DADADA

Since 1999, Luxembourg has been organising exhibitions in its national pavilion at the Venice Biennale. In 2013, Catherine Lorent (b. 1977 in Munich, currently lives and works in Berlin) represented the Grand Duchy with Relegation, a project informed by notions of the Baroque and an expanded concept of art. Also following a multidisciplinary approach, Filip Markiewicz (b. 1980 in Esch/Alzette, lives and works in Luxembourg and Hamburg) presented Paradiso Lussemburgo in 2015. The two artists will share their respective experiences and discuss the evolution of their work since the Venice Biennale.
Catherine Lorent is represented at LUXEMBOURG ART WEEK with Transitus Immobilis, a collaboration with Claudia Passeri and Serge Ecker, and at Polarraum by the German curator Enno Wallis. Filip Markiewicz is currently presenting his project Celebration Factory at Casino Luxembourg.



With Sara Noel Costa de Araujo and Trixi Weis
Host: Céline Coubray, editor-in-chief , DADADA

Like all professionals, artists need proper workspaces. But with the increasing strain on the housing market in Luxembourg, rental prices are soaring. This means that artists struggle to find decent workshops and are often forced to make do with a table in a shared flat or the cellar of their parents' home. While local councils have been addressing the issue, their measures currently fail to meet the demand. And yet solutions exist.
Sara Noel Costa de Araujo, architect and founder of studio SNCDA (Luxembourg/Brussels), will present her modular workshop, an autonomous and versatile structure. Trixi Weis, artist and president of the Luxembourg Association of Visual Artists (Association des artistes plasticiens du Luxembourg - AAPL), will discuss the current situation and the advances obtained by the AAPL on this sensitive issue.


Friday 11H00-21H00

Saturday 11H00-19H30

Sunday 11H00-18H00

Halle Victor Hugo

60, avenue Victor Hugo

L-1750 Luxembourg


Lee Stevens © Paul Niedermayer.

© Luxembourg Art Week