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27.6.2019 at 20:00

Meuko! Meuko! & NAXS corp. (Live)

A/V set as part of Elysium – The Spiritual Journey of Yao Jui Chung & Su Hui-Yu

Meuko! Meuko!
Taiwanese singer Pon starts her project Meuko! Meuko! in 2007. After strong collaborations with Goodbye Nao, she went solo in 2015. Two years later, she designed her first A / V set with NAXS corp., a collective based in Taipei. Each of their performances includes improvised elements as well as bits of new productions. The disparate palette of sounds and noises found here is directly related to the city's noises, traffic, dense population and architecture, but also Taiwanese traditions and folklore. This sense of controlled chaos is punctuated by experimental beats typically associated with the local scene. Chinese and Japanese influences exist as filigree frames of reference. The result is resolutely dark,  also resolutely the fruit of its environment and its time.

NAXS corp.
Founded in 2010, Network Afterlife Existence Storage Corporation, in short NAXS corp. is a Taipei based art practice that combines a wide range of disciplines including theatre, installation and audiovisual live performance. They focus on the transformation of contemporary senses, body, desire, ritual and internet aesthetics.


En collaboration avec VT Artsalon et le CCTP - Centre Culturel de Taïwan à Paris