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Casino Luxembourg

2.2.2020 at 11:30

Sitting for decades – Symposium Day 3

artist(s): Olivier Pestiaux (BE), Guy Frisch (LU), katrinem (DE), Patrick Muller (LU), Robert Heel (DE)

11:30 – 12:00 Progression
performance  by plastic artist Olivier Pestiaux (BE) and musician Guy Frisch (United Instruments of Lucilin, LU)

The first performance of Alvin Luciers I am sitting in a room took place in 1970 at the Guggenheim Museum in New York in the form of a loudspeaker concert. Accompanying and in sync with the music, video artist Mary Lucier projected the individual Polaroid photos of her Polaroid Image Series. This represents a visual analogy to Lucier's tape piece: a Polaroid photo of a living room was photographed with the same camera, the resulting photo was photographed again, etc.
Progression refers to both the acoustic and visual output-to-input process of Mary and Alvin Lucier's works. However, unlike the Luciers, where both works of art were created independently of one another and were presented in parallel during the premiere, Progression is the experiment of linking the visual and acoustic levels in series and making them dependent on each other. The artist Olivier Pestiaux and the musician Guy Frisch are invited to carry out a translation process every day. While Pestiaux draws a graphic representation of Frisch's music, Frisch plays a musical representation of Pestiaux drawing.)

12:00 – 13:30 Path of awareness_CasinoLuxembourg
soundwalk with katrinem (DE)

The format Path of Awareness explores an individual’s personal experience of space through walking, particularly the interplay between sound event (footsteps) and surrounding architecture, influenced by the constantly changing interactions in the environment.

A route has been created around Casino Luxembourg that offers numerous opportunities to engage with the city’s dynamics. Walking itself, the sonic character of footwear, the walkability of urban environments, as well as their architectural and atmospheric qualities are all major features of this soundwalk.
Clacking shoes become instruments, soloists in the space, creating a dialogue with the surroundings and situating us sonically in the places we walk.

Path of Awareness_CasinoLuxembourg could be experienced in guided walking and listening performances on the 1st and 2nd of February or on one’s own. For this, visitors are encouraged to put on their most “sounding” shoes and follow the score!

The interplay of sound and space has long been an integral part in katrinem‘s artistic work. For over 15 years now she has been investigating the walkability of cities and their associated spatial perception, through her work series “go your gait!”. To do so, she has developed various methodologies and the exploration results in all types and styles of artwork.

Free / Registration:

14:00 – 18:00 Haptic sound
Workshop for adults and teenagers (14+) with Patrick Muller (LU) and Robert Heel (DE)

The participants of the workshop bring along an object of their choice of the approximate size of a shoe box. After a brief introduction to the topic of sound, the participants provide their objects with a contact microphone to transform them into a kind of electroacoustic instrument that generates sound through haptics – touching, swiping, tapping. The various sound objects are then assembled to form a homogeneous and coordinated sculpture. Audio effects and digital logic circuits can be programmed optionally. The result is a sound sculpture – an experimental musical instrument made of different instruments – that can be experienced by visitors at Casino Luxembourg until 23 February 2020. 

Languages: LU, DE, EN
Admission fee: 30 EUR 

19h00 – 20h00 Patrick Muller & Robert Heel

Patrick Muller is a creative artist in the field of sound art and multimedia installations who focuses on interactive systems and experimental design processes. He develops concepts, creates artistic content, and manages projects in the art field.
Patrick teaches at the SRH Hochschule der Populären Künste (hdpk) in Berlin and is a consultant for the award-winning creative studio OBLIQUE.

Robert Heel is a Berlin based audiovisual artist and electronic musician. His audio and audiovisiual pieces are deeply rooted in drone, ambient and dub. 

Robert has been pushing visual music and concept-driven audio production for a long time. Traveling between live visuals, exhibitions with performances, art-prints and deep dubby techno he found his own voice – distinct but unpredictable. 

Past screenings include EMAF, European Media Art Festival, Osnabrück, Todaysartfestival, The Hague, Amsterdam Film Experience, Amsterdam, backup.award, Weimar, General Public, Berlin, Bauhaus Uni Weimar, Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki, INDEX Festival, NYC and others.