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5.12.2019 at 20:00

United Instruments of Lucilin – Concert

In the frame of the exhibition If Then Else

Inspired by the work of the LAb[au] collective, United Instruments of Lucilin will present a selection of contemporary musical pieces at Casino, whose composition or sound result is part of the reflection led by the artists in the exhibition If Then Else.

The use of graphic scores leaving the performer facing a certain number of decisions in the play by composer William Engelen (NL) or the randomness of a board game transcribed into music by Catherine Kontz (LU) will be two examples.

Contemporary musical creation has many artists working on the transcription of a language, the almost mathematical declination of musical motifs, the incorporation of randomness into the composition process or semi-guided improvisation. These are the steps that Lucilin's musicians will present in a concert at the very heart of the exhibition.

Practical info:
Entrance fee: € 8 / € 1.50 with the Kulturpass
Reservations:, T (+352) 22 50 45.

Additional date: Sun 8.12.19, 11:00

Created in 1999 by a group of passionate and committed musicians, United Instruments of Lucilin is the only Luxembourg chamber ensemble exclusively dedicated to the promotion, creation and commissioning of contemporary musical works.

United Instruments of Lucilin presents each season a wide spectrum of musical events, ranging from the "traditional" concert to musical theater productions, operas, children's projects, improvisation sessions, composition academy and discussions with composers. With more than forty concerts a year in Luxembourg and abroad, the ensemble continues to encourage different forms of musical innovation and is now recognized for its extraordinary proposals.

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