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HeHe, Air Deluxe, 2017. Photo :

HeHe, Air Deluxe, 2017. Photo :

15.6 — 5.9.2017 Extra Muros

Air Deluxe

artist(s): HeHe

Un été pas comme les autres dans une rue pas comme les autres /
A summer unlike other summers in a street unlike other streets.

After the Swings project (2016) by Luxembourgish artist, Max Mertens, the Casino Luxembourg invited seven international artists to take part in a competition launched by the Association Rue Philippe II in collaboration with Luxembourg City. For the 2017 edition, a jury* selected the temporary installation AIR DELUXE by HeHe which was unveiled on 15 June 2017 ‘in the skies' of rue Philippe II and avenue de la Porte-Neuve.

The AIR DELUXE installation resembles a sky of ‘clouds' made from ventilator ducts. These ‘clouds' are a kind of poetic metaphor for fresh, pure air which has become ‘a luxury product' for many cities in the world. The Anglo-German artist couple Helen Evans and Heiko Hansen (HeHe) evoke, through their work, the problems of air pollution, as well as man's illusory and utopic desires to harness nature and at the same time to master all the climatic problems. Furthermore, this work reconnects with their recent publication, Man made clouds, on clouds created artificially by man (smog, smoke, radioactive clouds, etc.).


Members of the jury:

Christopher Vanderfelt, president, Association Rue Philippe II
Christiane Sietzen, Ville de Luxembourg
Kevin Muhlen, director, Casino Luxembourg
Max Mertens, artist
Alex Reding, Nosbaum & Reding gallery
Anouk Wies, Cercle Cité
Jacques Welter, Cropmark agency


In collaboration with Association Rue Philippe II and Luxembourg City.
Thanks to: Aeroplastics Contemporary, Brussels.


HeHe, Air Deluxe, 2017. Photo :

HeHe, Air Deluxe, 2017. Photo :