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Casino Luxembourg


Lang/Baumann, Beautiful Steps #10, 2014.

Lang/Baumann, Beautiful Steps #10, 2014.

17.5 — 7.9.2014

Beautiful Steps #10

artist(s): Lang/Baumann

In December 2012, the Casino Luxembourg launched a competition upon invitation for five international artists to offer a permanent artistic project for the north façade of the building (rue Notre-Dame).

The artists invited to take part were:
Alan Fertil (B) and Damien Teixidor (B)
Judith Fegerl (A)
Martine Feipel (L) and Jean Bechameil (F)
Sabina Lang (CH) and Daniel Baumann (USA)
Jacob Dahlgren (S)

In April 2013, the members of the jury - Marie-Françoise Glesener (Les Amis des Musées Luxembourg), Shaaf Milani-Nia (architecture and urbanism service for the City of Luxembourg), Fernand Otto (president of the artistic planning commission), Jean Leyder (delegate to the Public Buildings Administration), Jo Kox (administrative director of the Casino Luxembourg) and Kevin Muhlen (artistic director of the Casino Luxembourg) - met to decide upon the prize-winner.

They unanimously selected the project Beautiful Steps by the couple Sabina Lang and Daniel Baumann.

In May 2014, Lang/Baumann installed a balcony truncated as a pyramid right in the middle of the north façade of the building, thus allowing a dialogue between the interior and the exterior spaces. The balcony, which is 3 metres deep, made from synthetic composite and painted white, looks from the outside like a closed geometric shape, like an architectural protuberance suspended in the air. Once inside the building, at the level of the first floor landing, you realise that this "balcony" can indeed be used as what it actually is...


The project by Lang/Baumann for the façade of the Casino Luxembourg is funded courtesy of Les Amis des Musées d'Art et d'Histoire Luxembourg.


Lang/Baumann, Beautiful Steps #10, 2014.

Lang/Baumann, Beautiful Steps #10, 2014.