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27.5 — 6.9.2020

Deep | Dark | Dank

artist(s): Ben Wheele
curator(s): Rachel Maclean

Deep | Dark | Dank is an immersive installation by artist Ben Wheele. Using a range of digital animation techniques, Wheele constructs a fantastical world of sinister creatures, dark humour and grotesque body horror. His work is often found lurking in the ‘dark side of Youtube’, a little-known zone of mysterious videos, which generate all sorts of conspiracy theories and terrified reaction videos online.

Alongside his previous films, the installation features his latest project Top 5 Animation Containers. The work mimics the format of a Youtube ‘countdown’ video to explore how viral memes evolve. In particular, Creepypasta stories (online horror stories spread through ‘copy and paste’) and Dank Memes (exceptionally odd / unique memes).



Ben Wheele (b. 1987, Ditchling) is a computer animator and visual artist based in London. He graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2011. His animated films have been screened at festivals internationally, including Annecy, Pictoplasma, London Intl. Animation Festival, Rotterdam Film Festival and Stuttgart ITFS. His work has been exhibited at The Sunday Painter Gallery (London), digital art space and broadcast on Adult Swim and Channel 4 (UK).  He is the founder of ‘Studio Ponk’ and currently lectures in 3D Animation & Games at Middlesex University. 

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