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Su Hui-Yu, The Glamorous Boys of Tang (15', 2018)

Yao Yui Chung, Incarnation (three channel video installation, 14'30'')

26.6 — 26.8.2019 BlackBox

Elysium – The Spiritual Journey of Yao Jui Chung & Su Hui-Yu

artist(s): Yao Jui Chung, Su Hui-Yu
curator(s): Dar-Kuen Wu

In Elysium, video works by Yao Jui Chung (born in 1969 in Taipei) and Su Hui-Yu (born in 1976 in Taipei) provide an objective look at the religious absurdities that are ravaging East Asia. Today, in Taiwan, where the multiplication of divinities, reincarnations and mysticisms is all exponential, religious faith no longer serves to bring human salvation but to satisfy human desires.

Begun in early 2016 and shot intensively over a year and a half, Yao Jui-Chung’s photographic and moving image project Incarnation covers more than 230 temples, cemeteries, public gardens and amusement parks around Taiwan, featuring statues of deities created by ethnic Chinese in reference to their self-image.

Unlike Yao, who tends to take photographs in bulk and apply the aesthetics of scale to field survey, Su Hui-Yu has in recent years conducted extensive investigation into anecdotes and created erotic images by reinterpreting and reshooting earlier works. For example, his 2017 video installation The Walker deconstructs three plays produced by the Taiwan Walker Theatre – Mary Scooter (1993), Asshole Man (1996) and Our Top Horny Novels (2000) – and then ingeniously uses the elements to reconstruct his wild imaginings about history, the extreme dimensions of pop culture addressed in art films, and the subcultural modality of the Other.

SAVE THE DATE: THU 27.6 > 19:00
Performance by
Meuko! Meuko! & NAXS corp

By dint of the meaningful dialogue between the two Taiwanese artists par excellence that transcends the imagery and socio-historical confines, Elysium precisely pinpoints the Leviathan behind the religious world; to wit, “human desires.” In the 21st century, people on this eastern pure land tend to find salvation in gods, and meanwhile cast the karma (produced by their desires) on deities. As religions metamorphose into the carriers of human desires, and as deities leverage the power of karma and continue to be reincarnated in multifarious colossal statues around this immortal island, Yao and Su have fixed their detached gaze through the lens of images on the endless, time-traveling absurdity in Taiwan that keeps summoning and transmuting the phantoms of history into a driving force behind the emergence of new deities in the future.

By virtue of the artists’ discerning eye, this exhibition penetrates through the abyssal depth of human desires to the ultimate truth.

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En collaboration avec VT Artsalon et le CCTP - Centre Culturel de Taïwan à Paris


Su Hui-Yu, The Glamorous Boys of Tang (15', 2018)

Yao Yui Chung, Incarnation (three channel video installation, 14'30'')