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Casino Luxembourg


19.4 — 29.6.2008

Emily Bates – love scenes

artist(s): Emily Bates
curator(s): Enrico Lunghi

In her photography and video installations, Emily Bates explores the relationship between landscape and humans. love scenes originated in audio and visual footage gathered on journeys to the Chinese province of Yunnan. Following a particular interest in the way of life of the native Naxi minority, she renders impressions of a community whose ancient traditions are fading as China swiftly modernises and refocuses itself. At the heart of the work shown at Casino Luxembourg lies the story of two young lovers, who, after having their marriage refused, choose to die on sacred Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. The project's predominantly documentary style acts as pretext for the creation of a narrative that is ultimately pervaded by sensitivity, nostalgia and a certain exoticism. It is in this way that love scenes attempts to capture the authentic, before it is irretrievably lost.