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Casino Luxembourg


Heinz Cibulka, W.I.E.N. 05, 2002. Collage photographique. © Christian Mosar.

4.10 — 30.11.2003

Heinz Cibulka – Bildgenerationen/2

artist(s): Heinz Cibulka
curator(s): Lucien Kayser

For lack of the retrospective, cancelled on the eve of the vernissage last autumn as a result of an absurd decision by the management of the Banque and Caisse d'Épargne de l'État in Luxembourg, that is, without Heinz Cibulka and his many-faceted photography, the Austrian artist will now present his works in the exhibition Bildgenerationen/2, taking place at the Casino Luxembourg from October 4 to November 30, 2003. The exhibition could pass as a condensation of the rich and diversified work of a man of now sixty years: it shows artistic attitudes that line up, themes and subjects that follow one another, techniques that renew and guide the intention or the aesthetics of the project.

The scandal's cause - it is impossible to pass over it in silence. It would not have been fair; this way the visitor may form his personal free opinion. Already at an early stage, Heinz Cibulka was linked up with Vienna actionism and particularly with Hermann Nitsch and his Orgien-Mysterien-Theater (OMT). He became one of Nitsch's preferred actors, then became together with others his documentalist and photographic reporter: the pictures that resulted from there have however preserved their autonomy, transmitting on all accounts an emotion, a physical and psychical intensity. 

A second room at the Casino Luxembourg is dedicated to Heinz Cibulka's close relationship with Vienna, its metropolis, its region. However, it never prevented him from becoming a genuine world citizen embracing geographical ranges or adventuring to faraway countries like Mexico or China. A restricted selection had to be made, especially since Heinz Cibulka had already widely tackled the subject of Vienna and its region in Bildgedichte, compositions of four photos. Today, the subject is presented in a much more complex structure: the digital processing of pictures has replaced traditional (analogical) photography in much the same way as superposition and entanglement have replaced juxtaposition and dialogue,.

There remains, of course, a pictorial side to Heinz Cibulka's photography, which in Nitsch recalled a Brueghelian affinity. There is yet another side, a musical one this time - which is hardly surprising for an Austrian artist. There is, on the one hand, the rather reduced, lyrical form of days past; and on the other, there is the almost symphonic development of the forms which makes you immediately think of names such as Schubert or Mahler.

The exhibition at the Casino Luxembourg will end on Sunday, November 30. In the evening, the word will join the image in a lecture by the actor Bernhard Jeschek of texts by Heinz Cibulka himself as well as Nitsch, in which both ardently express their roots striking in the region extending from Vienna to the Czech border. Excerpts from a collection of stylistic blunder about Prinzendorf and its OMT evoke good humour and provoke head-shaking.

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Heinz Cibulka, W.I.E.N. 05, 2002. Collage photographique. © Christian Mosar.