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Peter Downsbrough, Et / Ou, 1996. Installation in situ. © Albert Biwer.

25.7 — 29.9.1996

Inviter 2 / Peter Downsbrough

artist(s): Peter Downsbrough
curator(s): Michel Assenmaker

Inviter is an exhibition that develops in time without however being continuous. At Casino Luxembourg the only yardstick is the place itself, i.e. the two exhibition rooms put at the disposal of seven artists. Within this exhibition, On Kawara's works take in a very special place. The Inviter-exhibition being discontinuous in time, On Kawara's works will, in a way, mark the continuity by being present each time a new artist will be a "guest" of Inviter. Of course, this continuity is not self-evident and so we have to see to it that it really exists. Indeed, the arbitrariness of the choice and the co-existence of different works in one and the same place within the framework of an exhibition is not enough to guarantee continuity. My choice just reflects, like Mallarmé put it, "du fond du naufrage, le heurt successif d'un compte total en formation". In other words, each choice is a matter of chance or like Mallarmé put it: "Toute pensée émet un Coup de Dés".

After Pascal Convert, the second Invité is Peter Downsbrough. He analyses the space we are living in through models, installations, photographs and artists' books. In his works the apprehension of the work itself is determined through space in the same way the exhibition space determines an installation, pages determine a book and coordinates determine a model. Moreover, at first sight, the major characteristic of these space exhibitions is spacing itself, the distance between one point of an intervention and the next. What I want to say is that spacing is the conditio sine qua non of mobility, of our own life as something mobile, temporary. The distance of the spacing represents our possibility of action.

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Peter Downsbrough, Et / Ou, 1996. Installation in situ. © Albert Biwer.