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Izima Kaoru, Tanja de Jager, 2002. Photographie. © Christian Mosar.

4.10 — 30.11.2003

Izima Kaoru – Landscapes with a Corpse

artist(s): Izima Kaoru
curator(s): Christine Walentiny

From October 4th to November 30th, 2003, Casino Luxembourg presents Landscapes with a Corpse, an exhibition by the Japanese artist Izima Kaoru (born in Kyoto in 1954; lives and works in Tokyo). This exhibition is part of a project initiated by Tarantula, a European film company, and realised in collaboration with the Casino Luxembourg and the Musée d'Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean, Luxembourg.

The exhibition at the Casino Luxembourg will present, beside the Sato Yasue (2000) and the Barbara Rudnik (2001) series, the new Tanja de Jager photo series (2002), produced by the Musée d'Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean and Tarantula. Further to the exhibition, the project will include a medium film - Landscape with a Corpse - directed by Donato Rotunno and produced by Eddy Géradon-Luyckx. The documentary 'Making of a Picture' will also be presented during the exhibition.

Izima Kaoru developed his career as a professional fashion photographer from the 1980s to the 1990s, and ran the progressive, unconventional fashion magazine Zyappu as its editor-in-chief until 1999. One regular feature of the magazine was a short pictorial called 'Serial Murders of Actresses'. This series, which started in 1993, was initially conceived as a fashion series for women's clothes. One of the main purposes was to break with pictorial conventions, in particular with those of fashion photography. Although the magazine folded in 1999, Izima has been pursuing his series ever since as his own project.

The trigger for Izima's meticulous stagings are the fancies of his models (fashion models, actresses, television presenters) of how they would prefer to die (murders and mysterious accidents, suicide excepted), of the setting they would choose for their death and the outfit they would imagine to wear. With shots taken from different angles and distances, Izima attracts the viewer to the 'crime scene', cinematic-like, until he finally confronts him/her with a close-up of the 'victim'. These series of works strongly underline Izima's belief that death be viewed as an integral part of life, rather than the opposite.

The medium film, Landscape with a Corpse, by Tarantula is a story about the challenge of long-standing prejudices and received ideas, and about the awareness that what one sees is not always real, and that what one believes is not always true. Some takes for the film will be realised during the exhibition opening at Casino Luxembourg on 3rd October 2003. 

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A project based on an idea by Tarantula.
In partnership with Sofitel, World Travel BTI, Lufthansa, Blitz, EXell.
Realised in coproduction with Musée d'art moderne Grand-Duc Jean. 


Izima Kaoru, Tanja de Jager, 2002. Photographie. © Christian Mosar.