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Casino Luxembourg


Philippe Hamelin, Lèvres bleues, 2019

30.10 — 2.12.2019 BlackBox

Lèvres bleues

artist(s): Philippe Hamelin

Lèvres Bleues is the latest animation of computer-generated images by Philippe Hamelin (lives and works in Montreal, Canada). The project is interested in the use of the computer-generated image as a tool of reconstruction and applies it to the reconstruction of a memory of love. The story comes from a collection of testimonies of strangers on dating sites by the artist in 2008. The memory takes shape through matter, objects, movement and senses. The animation puts in parallel the mechanisms of the machine and the human while exploring the workings of the narrative mechanics. The inner movement of the human (the feelings) crosses the movement in space.

Although Lèvres Bleues is an autonomous project, several elements echo Carnations presented at Casino Luxembourg early in 2019, including the alternation between the concrete and the abstract, between the physical state (the allusion to the flesh is again a central element) and the mental state, as well as the priority given to the senses rather than the meaning.

Thu 14.11.19 at 19:00
Lèvres bleues – Dîner aux chandelles: A convivial dinner imagined and conceived by and with the artist, with special guest Jean-Luc Verna.


Conseil des arts du canada / Canada Council for the Arts


Philippe Hamelin, Lèvres bleues, 2019