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Marc Trivier, Arbre Folkstone, photographie, 1986.

15.12.2001 — 24.2.2002

Marc Trivier

artist(s): Marc Trivier
curator(s): Enrico Lunghi

Marc Trivier's work calls us to look at images. But there is more: you see yourself being watched and then, with the eye of the photographer, you start to observe the lighting, the objects and the people portrayed. Their history. The history they chose to live and the history they underwent. And so a journey unfolds, through the use of various forms: portraits, landscapes, images of slaughterhouses and of psychiatric patients, in search of lost sense.

No answer, just some stammering, trying hard to discover some sense. Not the sense brought about by the deception of causality, but words and images like the matchsticks struck by the little girl in Andersen's tale, to breach the darkness and the cold in order to fool ourselves.
(Marc Trivier)

Among the people photographed by Marc Trivier are Francis Bacon, Jean Dubuffet, Michel Foucault, Jean Genet, Vieira da Silva, Andy Warhol and many other famous names in the world of art and literature. He portrays them in black-and-white in moments of exceptional concentration.


Marc Trivier, Arbre Folkstone, photographie, 1986.