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Casino Luxembourg


© Misch Feinen.

10.10.2013 — 5.1.2014 Labo

Misch Feinen

artist(s): Misch Feinen

Artist Misch Feinen gives his personal view on Christodoulos Panayiotou's exhibition and offers a graphical interpretation: he has gathered images and heterogeneous objects to transpose them into a linear band which is proliferated on the walls of Labo. In these traits, one finds the notions of "and" (the title of the exhibition by Panayiotou) and of "collecting". The design makes up a landscape with neither a beginning nor an end, regulated by video-graphic stations and iron reliefs; the whole thing suggesting the idea of a loop.


The exhibition by Misch Feinen is on show at the LABO, the area dedicated to younger audiences.

The LABO is the meeting area for young people in the Casino Luxembourg. Here, you can sit down, relax, look at books, surf or get (un)connected. The LABO is frequented by young people and children: they find books here, riddles, fun activities and many other things which relate to current exhibitions. The LABO also serves as a workshop for schools and for regular Casino activities.

Since 2013, the Casino has called upon Luxembourgish artists and creators to conceive the design of the LABO in relation to the exhibition. While remaining faithful to their own graphical and artistic principles, they interpret the exhibition in their particular way, offering another point of view or a different outlook on the exhibition, through their own intervention.


© Misch Feinen.