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Casino Luxembourg


Peter Friedl, Tiger oder Löwe, vidéo, 2000.

15.12.2001 — 24.2.2002

Peter Friedl

artist(s): Peter Friedl
curator(s): Enrico Lunghi

Peter Friedl is concerned with the following basic questions in his work: How does artistic endeavour define itself as a strategy for the disarmament of power in the broadest sense? How does it relate to the practices of art institutions and their forms of exhibition, mediation, publication and distribution? What does the term "genre" mean? How much artistic autonomy is possible or necessary? Friedl's work defies any usual stylistic categories. Through conceptual aesthetic acts, Friedl's work provides polymorphous models thanks to which one can attempt to answer these questions.

The three institutions (Casino Luxembourg - Forum d'art contemporain, Gesellschaft für aktuelle Kunst, Bremen, Institute for Contemporary Art, Cape Town) have previously worked with Peter Friedl in other contexts. The idea of further analyzing Friedl and his work arose from these experiences. In turn this collaboration offers Friedl an opportunity to examine the retrospective genre and its conventions, i.e. the relationship between older and newer projects, the development of varying methods of presentation and display according to the exhibition premises, and the concept of a catalogue. The functions of these elements, all of which are firmly established parts of the exhibition genre, will be studied within the retrospective project.


Peter Friedl, Tiger oder Löwe, vidéo, 2000.