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Jon Mikel Euba, My Right is Your Left, 2004. Installation in situ. © Bohumil Kostohryz.

Aurelio Kopainig, Empfänger, 2004. Installation in situ. © Bohumil Kostohryz.

Charlotte Karlsson, In Between Spaces, 2004. Installation in situ. © Bohumil Kostohryz.

19.6 — 26.9.2004

Re:Location Academy / Shake Society

artist(s): Irina Botea, Hsia-Fei Chang, Esra Ersen, Jon Mikel Euba, Iratxe Jaio, Charlotte Karlsson, Aurelio Kopainig, Vlad Nanca, Isa Riedl, Mia Rosasco, Janek Simon, Veronika Šramatyová
curator(s): Enrico Lunghi, Bettina Heldenstein

Re:Location Academy
19.06.2004 - 25.07.2004

Shake Society
31.07.2004 - 26.09.2004

The Re:Location Academy / Shake Society workshop is an attempt to provide a constructive response to a complex and shifting local situation. Casino Luxembourg will try, over several weeks, to function like an art academy in a country that has not yet provided any such institution. The art centre will be turned into a meeting-place for discussions and work, and make its various premises available to the participating artists and the public. The ground floor will house a public room with a lecture hall and documentation centre, a reception area, a working studio, an internet room, and a cafeteria. The public will be invited to make the most of this opportunity to make direct contact with artists. The artists' recent works will be exhibited on the first floor from 19 June to 25 July. New works created in situ during the workshop will be shown from 31 July to 26 September 2004.

Like any culturally viable structure, this workshop has not sprung from nothing. Since 1998 (originally as part of Manifesta 2), the Casino Luxembourg has been organising an annual "Art Workshop". Within the framework of Re:Location Shake, this workshop will take on the significance and scope of a fully-fledged project. Twelve young artists, chosen by a jury, will reside in Luxembourg for seven weeks, and follow an "academic" programme featuring public workshops, encounters, meetings, lectures and round tables. Shake Society, the subject selected for the Re:Location Academy, encompasses another aspect of the current artistic landscape: the links and interstices between art, society, and the media. The artists involved should sample life in Luxembourg, and take into account the specific features of the local situation, with all its positive and negative aspects to incorporate them in works realised in situ.

"What shakes society? Art? Religion? War? Today, nobody needs to know anything, to learn anything, to practise or train in order to become famous. Even Andy Warhol's sentence that everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes, is no longer true - stardom in the media lasts less than five minutes before the public gets bored and moves to another channel or web-forum. The impact of the media and its new definitions of what is important, be it human beings, topics, information or news, is one area of interest for the artists at the Re:Location Academy. The artists chosen by the jury work in diverse media from painting through photography and video to performance and web-based presentations. None of them avoids confrontation with world-wide media coverage.

Art is related to the unpreparedness of the public, and the more it involves people's everyday rituals the better it functions. Roland Barthes' "Punctum" operates on an ephemeral basis, consisting of small deviations from these daily rituals, and using a topology of thought yet to be discovered by cognitive sciences. Gaining attention is worth more than money, and a new role can be defined for art within society, moving from transcendency towards preparing unexpected excitements - including posing unwanted questions. From their first exhibition at Casino Luxembourg, the participating artists will deal with their own movements in order to shake spectators, visitors, and all those who had not thought about art until that moment - society as a whole."  Rolf Sachsse

Re:Location Academy / Shake Society
represents for the Casino Luxembourg a novel experiment, full of unknowns, as well as a real attempt to go beyond its own limits. 

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Re:Location Academy / Shake Society is part of the Re:Location 1-7 / Shake project realised in collabortion with the Centrul Internaţional pentru Artă Contemporană & Muzeul Naţional de Artă Contemporană, Bucharest (RO) & Fundaţia ArtStudio, Cluj (RO), the Centrum Sztuki Współczesnej Łaźnia, Gdańsk (PL), the Galéria Jána Koniarka, Trnava (SK), the migros museum für gegenwartskunst, Zurich (CH) & Halle für Kunst, Lüneburg (D), the O.K Centrum für Gegenwartskunst, Linz (A) and the Villa Arson - Centre National d'Art Contemporain, Nice (F).


Jon Mikel Euba, My Right is Your Left, 2004. Installation in situ. © Bohumil Kostohryz.

Aurelio Kopainig, Empfänger, 2004. Installation in situ. © Bohumil Kostohryz.

Charlotte Karlsson, In Between Spaces, 2004. Installation in situ. © Bohumil Kostohryz.

Esra Ersen, Today there is no démonstration in Disneyland !, 2001. Installation in situ, texte écrit dans le journal « Tageblatt » du 29 Juillet 2004. © Bohumil Kostohryz.

Irina Botea, Invitation à Henri, Grand-Duc de Luxembourg, 2004. Installation in situ. © Bohumil Kostohryz.