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Casino Luxembourg


Juraj Dudas, Cubes, 2002. Installation in situ. © Roman Mensing /

9.3 — 9.6.2002

Re:location 1

artist(s): Juraj Dudás, Jerry Frantz, Dany Prum
curator(s): Viera Janceková, Enrico Lunghi

Re:Location 1 is an idea launched by the Galéria Jána Koniarka in Trnava and the Casino Luxembourg so as to experiment with new ways of collaboration between artists, on the one hand, and between two art centers located in widely contrasting regions and artistic contexts, on the other. The main idea is to take into account the genuine situation of each institution and, after analysing these criteria, to suggest an exchange of artists' residencies, leading to a common exhibition. This will have as its chief objective to include the greatest amount of parameters that defined this collaboration.

Re:Location 1 has come about because of experiences acquired by the artists after a month's residence in the exchange country. The first step of this work in progress, the exhibition Re:Location 1 at the Casino Luxembourg showcases the first results of the collaboration between Juraj Dudás (invited by Enrico Lunghi) and Jerry Frantz/Dany Prum (invited by Viera Janceková).

At this stage, the project 'Who is Lisie?' is the one which best exemplifies this collaboration. Thought up by Jerry Frantz / Dany Prum, 'Lisie' is a doll (whose name and birth date are those of a very real baby) which they offer up for 'adoption' to various families throughout Europe. The documents concerning her daily life, which the adoptive families are required to produce (photos, videos, letters, articles, etc.) will provide a kind of evidence as regards the various life styles, educational concepts, and the parts played by the parents. Juraj Dudás will work with oversized PVC-blocks on which he prints large-scale logos - a playful and ironic reference to minimalist sculpture - put by Juraj Dudás in the context of today's media-ruled society. The latter is also at the core of his new videoworks and computer-animated films which feature Jerry Frantz, Dany Prum and 'Lisie'.

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This project is part of the exchange programs in the network Art Centres of Europe. In collaboration with Galéria Jana Koniarka, Trnava.


Juraj Dudas, Cubes, 2002. Installation in situ. © Roman Mensing /