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Wennig & Daubach, Recto Verso, 2017. Photo : Wennig & Daubach.

16.6.2017 — 2.1.2018 Extra Muros

Recto Verso

artist(s): Wennig & Daubach

In summer 2016, the Kirchberg Fund unveiled the work Dendrite by Canadian artist Michel De Broin in the Labyrinth of the Parc Central on the Plateau du Kirchberg. Since then, this sculpture, which is on a high viewpoint and can be seen from a good distance away, has aroused much curiosity. It encourages walkers to discover the still little-known plant maze and to further explore the Parc Central area, in general. To continue from this first intervention, the Kirchberg Fund and the Casino Luxembourg have launched 1+1, an artistic project which will take place every two years, aiming to create an ephemeral work in the Labyrinth.

For the first edition of 1+1, the project Recto Verso by the Luxembourgish artistic duo Charles Wennig & Laurent Daubach was selected.

The installation by Wennig & Daubach is structured in a fun and intelligent way around words made up from compound word forms and the notion of recto verso. The artists have chosen words and fragments from everyday language and transformed their apparent banality (for example, the French designation 'parc central' and its English counterpart in reverse 'central parc'). Visitors make their way around the maze creating their own route by using the compound words and searching for meanings along the circuit.


En collaboration avec le Fonds Kirchberg.


Wennig & Daubach, Recto Verso, 2017. Photo : Wennig & Daubach.