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Simone Decker, Air Bag, 1998. Vidéo. © Yvan Klein.

14.2 — 5.4.1998

Simone Decker – To be expected

artist(s): Simone Decker
curator(s): Enrico Lunghi

An exhibition always puts Simone Decker to a test: it is a challenge to the exhibition space, which she confronts or deconstructs in a hand-to-hand struggle ultimately bound by physical exhaustion; a challenge to her own body, because of the succession of her repetitive and monotonous gestures which refer to a long tradition of customary gestures executed by women; but it is also a challenge to the viewer who, in front of the common materials to which Simone Decker's use has attributed a newly seductive character, is confronted with the multiplicity of possibilities of a world which remains unnoticed by the superficial everyday gaze.


Simone Decker, Air Bag, 1998. Vidéo. © Yvan Klein.