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Casino Luxembourg


© Sophie Jung.

3 — 29.8.2016 BlackBox

Sophie Jung

The BlackBox, a new space for artists' film and video projections is installed on the ground floor of the Casino Luxembourg and is dedicated to contemporary video, regularly renewing its program either with projections by a single artist or video collections of different artists on a specific theme.

The work of Sophie Jung (born in 1982, Luxembourg; lives and works in Basel and London) revolves around the awe of unstable semiotics. With her textual and textured sculptures, she addresses the earnest and often absurd desperation in which wobbly concepts are packed into words, objects or facial expressions, shifting their assumed meaning from work to sentence to song.

Recent projects and exhibitions include New Waiting at Temnikova & Kasela, Tallinn; Äppärät at Ballroom Marfa, San Antonio (Texas); Eh, co? Nah cis. Us! at Kunsthalle Basel; Uncanny Valley at Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge (UK); X-Examination at ICA, London; London for Fiktion: New Writing Group, Down To Write You This Poem Sat at Oakville Galleries, Canada, as well as Tarantallegra at Hester, New York. She is currently working towards a performance for Kunstraum London as well as a written piece for The White Review's autumn issue; in November her work will be presented at the Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen.


© Sophie Jung.