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Casino Luxembourg


12.12.1996 — 16.2.1997

Stanze pour la peinture

artist(s): Heda, Dughet, Le Brun, Berckheide, Bertin, Natoire, David, Gros, Bout, Whistler, Monet, Dubois-Pillet, Seon, Matisse, Morestel, Moucheron, Kelly, Richter, Viallat, Bertrand, Toroni, Pagès, Rutault, Dezeuze, Federle, Mosset, Dolla, Alberola, Frize, Diao, Piffaretti, Valensi
curator(s): Bernard Ceysson

It is the so characteristic structure of the Casino Luxembourg (white cubes of different sizes represent the 13 exhibition rooms of the 19th-century building) that has inspired Bernard Ceysson to the title and concept of his exhibition. Considering that the word "Stanze" comes from the Italian "stanza" and was once used to refer to rooms in general and to the rooms of the Vatican ornated with monumental frescos by Raffael in particular, the idea of Bernard Ceysson was to transform the rooms of the Casino Luxembourg in as many stanzas, offering an outstanding look on classic, modern and contemporary paintings, put together so as to trigger tensions, reveal hidden similarities and suggest new impressions.


With the support of the Banque Générale du Luxembourg.