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Casino Luxembourg


© CNA, photo : Romain Girtgen

5.5 — 12.11.2018 VRBox

Suspended Time Extended Space

artist(s): Eva L'Hoest, Laura Mannelli & Art Zoyd, Rachel Rossin, Olivier Pesch

Following the overall growing success of virtual reality, and specifically after the success during the Luxembourg City Film Festival, VR has established itself permanently at Casino Luxembourg.

The VRBox, a space entirely dedicated to virtual reality, is accessible to the public for free. Visitors will encounter various innovative artworks, but also artistic projects conceived in terms of VR.

Programming will be artistic and experimental, in order to allow the public to discover VR as a medium from another angle.

Programming will change regularly in order to explore the diverse facets of VR productions.

Currently the public can see VR artworks by the artists Laura Mannelli (L), Eva L'Hoest (B) and Rachel Rossin (USA) as well as the VR short film Finding Jakob by Luxembourg director Olivier Pesch.

VRBox is organized in collaboration with the Film Fund Luxembourg and Digital Luxembourg.


© CNA, photo : Romain Girtgen