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© The Plug.

30.9 — 13.11.2010 Extra Muros

The Plug @ Médiathèque de Forbach

artist(s): David Brognon (The Plug)
curator(s): Kevin Muhlen

Artist The Plug presents his new project Hooligans Pilgrimage (Hear our prayers) at the gallery space of the Médiathèque de Forbach. The exhibition is a collaboration between Faux Mouvement, Metz, Centres d'art de la Ville de Dudelange and Casino Luxembourg.

The Plug plays with metaphors and language conventions, has fun with the inconsistencies between form and meaning. A promoter of the post-graffiti movement and an unrepentant activist of the ska punk circle, The Plug is now far from being a stranger to the field of contemporary art. The large public got to know this artist with an iconoclast career during the group exhibition, ELO at Mudam Luxemburg or, more recently, during his monographic showing in the Centre d'Art Dominique Lang in Dudelange. This last one, named We are the Mods, revisits the eponymous subculture which emerged in the British working-class at the end of the 50s and was rediscovered in the 70s, a period during which it would in particular influence the punk and skinhead movements.

Hooligans Pilgrimage (Hear our Prayers)

"A thick cloud of smoke rises toward the sky, driven by the singing of an adoring crowd. This picture unmistakably refers to religious rituals of a church service, the censer carrying to God the fervent prayers of the workshippers. For a moment, The Plug immerses us into the world of the faithful Christians. The video reverses the reading by showing a flare, a type of pyrotechnic used during football games to fill their benches with a dense scarlet smoke, which is hold at arm's length and burns entirely. The artist creates confusion by combining censers with holy smells and pictures from the football world has come to a religious level for these devouts who have taken over the sport cathedrals that are nowadays football stadiums."
Text by Kevin Muhlen


© The Plug.