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Casino Luxembourg


© Letizia Romanini.

16.6.2011 Extra Muros

Une Nuit / Eine Nacht

artist(s): Letizia Romanini
curator(s): Kevin Muhlen

Proposed by Casino Luxembourg for her aptitude in using spaces in a subtle and incongruous manner, Letizia Romanini occupied one of the two rooms at the Hôtel Aladin in Forbach with her installation, Awkward, specially created for the occasion. Cords hanging from one end of the bedroom to the other and from the furniture delineated a play of prolongation and ricochets of daylight while immediately shattering the illusion of lightness and immateriality through physical barriers created by the cords.


Hôtel Aladin, Forbach, Castel Coucou.


© Letizia Romanini.