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Casino Luxembourg


Photo : Sven Becker, 2018.

2.1 — 29.4.2019 VRBox

VRBox — At your controllers, ready, draw!

Since 2017, the Casino has an exclusive space dedicated to virtual reality (VR). Apart from programming VR movies and videos, the VRBox also makes it possible to become familiar with virtual creation through software designed for this purpose.

Programming until Monday, April 29, 2019 (with an interruption of the Tilt Brush program during the Luxembourg City Film Festival)

At your controllers, ready, draw!

The VRBox offers an introduction to painting and carving VR (Virtual Reality) with Tilt Brush software. You will learn how to use the controllers to create your work.

Duration: 20 'per participant (order of passage)
Open to everyone


In partnership with ING.


Photo : Sven Becker, 2018.