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Casino Luxembourg


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Higher education and universities

The Casino Luxembourg offers visits to student groups.

Guided tour
Length: 1 h.
Price for the guide: 50 €
For student groups, the Casino Luxembourg offers hour-long guided tours. These visits are led by the curators, artists or guides, according to availability.


The right to speak
20 €


Themed guided tours

Ceci n'est pas un Casino
Length: 1 h. Free participation.
A journey through time and history of the Casino Luxembourg, former Casino Bourgeois and Foyer Européen which has become a centre of contemporary art: projection, explanations, tour, etc.

What is contemporary art?
Length: 1 h. Free participation.
How is contemporary art different from modern art? How are the exhibitions organised at the Casino Luxembourg? Which artists are showing there? What is the difference between a "traditional" museum and a "forum of contemporary art"?

Lux-Art now
Length: 30 minutes. Free participation.
What is an artist's portfolio? How do you consult the artists' dossiers at the Casino Luxembourg? How do you consult the works in the InfoLab, the only library in Luxembourg accessible to the public and exclusively dedicated to contemporary art?