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Casino Luxembourg


Eric Chenal, White Inside, 2012. Dans le contexte du montage de l'exposition de Wesley Meuris au Casino Luxembourg.

Image library

The Casino Luxembourg image library aims to document all the exhibitions which take place within the institution, and to keep, produce, collect, manage and distribute its photographic and video heritage. Regularly enriched, a collection of over 10 000 visual elements is already available in the form of digital images. It mainly revolves around exhibited works of art, the project rooms, the venue's architecture and events.

This collection is at your disposal. If you are interested in an exhibition, an artist or a work of art exhibited at Casino Luxembourg, you can order one or more digital images, taken by a professional photographer.

Low-definition digital images (72 dpi) are provided for the price of 20 € and high-definition images (300 dpi) are sold for the price of 40 €.

All photographic requests are studied in advance regarding usage and the medium in which they will appear.

You can download the order form in PDF format, fill it in and send it to the InfoLab department by email or post to the address below.

Nadine Clemens
T. (+352) 22 50 45

Casino Luxembourg - Forum d'art contemporain
InfoLab - Service Photothèque
41 rue Notre-Dame
B.P. 345
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