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The programme for schools and teaching staff


The Casino Luxembourg - Forum d'Art Contemporain offers a mediation / visit program aimed at school groups in basic, secondary and higher education, as well as relay houses and school foyers. It aims to develop a critical sense and observation, to open the discussion on the different forms of creation and their relationship to the current world.
Guided tours
Guided tours can take several forms: visits in the company of an exhibition mediator, around the history of the Casino, discussion of contemporary art ...
Tailor-made workshops
These are workshops directly linked to the current exhibition. After the guided tour, the participants carry out specific projects under the supervision of a mediator.
Permanent workshops
Accessible all year round and independent of temporary exhibitions, these workshops are inspired by the permanent works of the Casino.

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Lucie Majerus:
Marc Szaryk:

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In addition to the mediation / tours offer at Casino Luxembourg, it is possible to organize workshops, educational projects or guided tours adapted to the school curriculum or to the subjects discussed in class. These projects and creative works can span several sessions, depending on your availability and needs.

Intra and extra muros collaboration
Do you have an idea for a specific workshop, a particular request for your class, or the desire to create your tailor-made project? Do not hesitate to submit them to us! The SCOL’ART team is always looking for new projects and collaborations. Based on exchange and transdisciplinarity, these projects can extend over several sessions and adapt to the school curriculum.
Continuing education for teaching staff
All training and master classes for teaching staff are approved by the Institut de formation de l'éducation nationale (IFEN).
Creative trades fair for secondary and higher education students.
Day of discovery and encounter with contemporary art, dedicated to students of basic education.
Masterclasses and interdisciplinary projects for classes in the preparatory path to secondary education

Contact and reservation:

Claire Buchler
Plastic arts teacher, seconded to Casino Luxembourg - Forum d'art contemporain
Roland herrmann
Professor-architect, seconded to Casino Luxembourg - Forum d'art contemporain


To be aware of the Casino's educational activities and offers, the educational service publishes several newsletters per year. To receive it, register at: T (+352) 22 50 45 or

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