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Casino Luxembourg


Félicia Atkinson.

Sova Stroj.

Steve Kaspar & Nataša Grujovic.

10.6.2017 à 19:00

Don't keep it in the cloud

artiste(s): Félicia Atkinson, Sova Stroj, Steve Kaspar & Nataša Grujovic

Drone music night within the framework of the exhibition Looking for the Clouds - Contemporary Photography in Times of Conflict.

With: Félicia Atkinson (FR), Sova Stroj (LU), Steve Kaspar & Nataša Grujovic (LU).

Tickets (caisse du soir): 8 €, free entrance with kulturpass.


Félicia Atkinson
Abstract noise / concrete music / minimal electronics / ambient.

Félicia Atkinson is a French visual artist and an avant musician who has been composing music under her own name and the moniker Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier since 2004. She is releasing most of her music on french label Shelter Press, but also released music on NNA Tapes, Umor Rex, Home Normal, Aguirre, Spekk, Peak Oil.... Her latest solo record, A readymade ceremony (Shelter Press 2015) got some high praised from Fact, Pitchfork (#16 best experimental album of the year), Thump, Spin, The Wire Magazine. She recently released a collaborative effort with musician Jefre Cantu-Ledesma (Comme Un Seul Narcisse, Shelter Press 2016). 
Her new album Hand In Hand will be out in May 2017 on Shelter Press.

Her music is composed of concrete music, asmr voices, electronics, field recordings, improvisation with guitar and piano, abstract distortions and infra basses.

Felicia Atkinson has been playing in Europe, Japan, Mexico, Canada and USA from museums (MCA of Chicago, Palais de Tokyo in Paris, MOCA Geffen In LA), to music venues and music festivals (Rewire in Den Hague, Novas Frequencias in Rio de Janeiro, Borderline festival in Athens, Soy Festival...) and uncommon places (the cactus house in the Palmengarten in Frankfurt, an old temple near Hiroshima, "Etants Donnés" by Marcel Duchamp at the Kunstpalast in Düsseldorf).

Sova Stroj

Experimental / electronic music

Sova Stroj is the nom de plume of Luxembourg-based producer Michel Flammant. With a history in black metal, rock and synth pop bands, he has now ventured out on his own, delving into experimental and electronic music.

Although modular and semi-modular synthesis are at the core of his music nowadays, he often incorporates different and seldom used instruments, a love for sound always defining his compositional work. Keen on detail and precision, his compositions wander from their electronic roots with ease and poise, a defined eclecticism always running through them.

In the studio as well as live, improvisation and chance are integral parts of his music.

Steve Kaspar & Nataša Grujovic
electro-acoustic soundfileds / electronics / accordion

Steve Kaspar (1952 Luxembourg) participated and studied at the "Nouveau Théâtre Musical" ("Musikhochschule" Cologne) under the direction of Mauricio Kagel and also discovered a very strong affinity for the electro-acoustic and electronic world. Between 1989 and 1996 he devoted his time to cycles of drawings and sound poetry. Since then he has favoured video, audio-visual installations and, above all sound compositions, performances and concerts which are somewhere between noise, raw art and subtle sound decor exploring the mysterious, enigmatic and contradictory domain of the fields of the "ineffeble". His work is presented and performed quite regularly in Luxembourg, Belgium and futher afield. He has notably collaborated with Japanese dancer Yuko Kominami (One's Voices), dancer and choreographer Sylvia Camarda (How Do They Know...), the music ensemble United Instruments of Lucilin (Isa - The Reply), the avant- garde "trumpet player" Herb Robertson (Sympathy...alive), visual artists Gast Bouschet/Nadine Hilbert and cellist Andre Mergenthaler (Cave of Light). Now he works in duo with accordion player Nataša Grujović.

His discographical output includes the limited edition CD box set Soundfields, a coproduction between the publishing house La Lettre volée and the label Sub Rosa (Brussels/

Nataša Grujovic (Yugoslavia/Luxembourg): born 1978 in Zagreb, she studied accordion and chamber music at the music academy in Trossingen with Prof. Hugo Noth, and, as a scholar of the foundation Baden-Württemberg, at the Conservatorio Superior de Música de Madrid.

She cooperated with composer/multi-media artist Pierre Redon and with composers such as Uroš Rojko, Matthias Pintscher, Camille Kerger, and Elisabeth Naske. Since 2009 she lives in Luxembourg, where she worked with the Luxembourg Sinfonietta, music ensemble United Instruments of Lucilin, EME Fondation of Philharmonie Luxemburg and collaborated with several theatre projects, among others with Compagnie Bodecker & Neander (Berlin).

As a soloist and with various chamber music ensembles she performed in west and east Europe, China and Canada, e.g. at the "Off-Festival" of the Donaueschinger Musiktage, the "Hommage à Franz Liszt" at Casino Luxembourg and the Biennale di Venezia 2013 (Luxembourg pavilion).

Now she plays in duo with Steve Kaspar and with the doom metal band Soleil Noir.


Félicia Atkinson.

Sova Stroj.

Steve Kaspar & Nataša Grujovic.