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Casino Luxembourg


Copyright: Mario Klingemann, courtesy of Onkaos

4.3.2021 à 19:00 Forum Arts, médias & société

L’image de demain. Latent Expeditions.

video conference with Mario Klingemann, artist, Munich

In English

hosted by Kevin Muhlen (Casino Luxembourg) and Gian Maria Tore (University of Luxembourg)

"What would happen if we had a machine that can create every imaginable and unimaginable image that there ever was, is and will be? Apparently nothing extraordinary, since that machine has already been invented decades ago. The computer. The digital image has allowed us to explore the space of all possible images but also shown us that this space is immensely huge and like the universe itself mostly filled with chaos and emptiness. The task it turns out is not to create all that is possible but to find the few inhabitable worlds that are hidden in the background noise.

With the advent of artificial intelligence we are now getting a new set of tools in our hands that allow us to search the universe of images systematically, to measure aspects about them that previously could only be judged subjectively and to send send probes out into those latent spaces that may bring us back data that is interesting, relevant or even original."

Mario Klingemann has been exploring the potential of image-making with the help of neural networks and algorithms for more than 30 years and is using artificial intelligence as a core aspect in his art practice. In his talk he will share his experiences and results of his research and experiments.

Mario Klingemann is an artist who uses algorithms and artificial intelligence to create and investigate systems. He is particularly interested in human perception of art and creativity, researching methods in which machines can augment or emulate these processes. Thus his artistic research spans a wide range of areas like generative art, cybernetic aesthetics, information theory, feedback loops, pattern recognition, emergent behaviors, neural networks, cultural data or storytelling. 

He was winner of the Lumen Prize Gold 2018, received an honorary mention at the Prix Ars Electronica 2020 and won the British Library Labs Creative Award 2015. He was artist in residence at the Google Arts & Culture Lab and has been recognized as a pioneer in the field of AI art. His work has been featured in art publications as well as academic research and has been shown in international museums and at art festivals like Ars Electronica, the Centre Pompidou, ZKM, the Barbican, the Ermitage, the Photographers' Gallery, Colección Solo Madrid, Nature Morte Gallery New Delhi, Residenzschloss Dresden, Grey Area Foundation, Mediacity Biennale Seoul, the British Library and MoMA. He is represented by Onkaos, Madrid and DAM Gallery Berlin.

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Copyright: Mario Klingemann, courtesy of Onkaos