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Casino Luxembourg


27.10.2009 Les Mardis de l’Art

Les Mardis de l'Art - Aesthetics of the Semi-Living: Crossing Borders of Disciplines and Species

Lecture by Oron Catts

SymbioticA is a unique artistic laboratory within a biological science department where artists can carry out hands-on artistic research into the life sciences. It is based at The School of Anatomy & Human Biology at the University of Western Australia in Perth, and has become a centre of excellence in 2008, offering a thriving residency, academic and hands-on workshop programmes. The artist Oron Catts co-founded SymbioticA in 2000 and is its current director. In collaboration with Ionat Zurr, he forms The Tissue Culture and Art Project. Oron Catts discusses biotechnological art works such as Victimless Leather and NoArk. These installations stage co-cultured cells in techno-scientific bodies, thus engaging with the taxonomical crisis of cultural and scientific perception of life, manifested by the existence of semi-living, lab grown life.

Born in 1967, the artist, researcher and curator Oron Catts co-founded The Tissue Culture and Art Project (TC&A) in 1996. He was a research fellow at The Tissue Engineering & Organ Fabrication Laboratory, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School (2000-2001). As a curator he has organised two major biological art shows, Biofeel (2002) and BioDifference (2004). His work has been shown at the Museum of Modern Art, New York; Ars Electronica, Linz; the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco; the National Gallery of Victoria (Australia), and FACT, Liverpool. As the director of SymbioticA, Oron Catts has been the winner of the 2007 inaugural Golden Nica for Hybrid Arts of the Prix Ars Electronica.

In the framework of the exhibition sk-interfaces at Casino Luxembourg (26.09.2009 - 10.01.2010).