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15.3.2005 Les Mardis de l’Art

Les Mardis de l'Art - Drinking with Gilbert and George 1972 to 1976

Lecture by Lynda Morris

Between 1972 and 1976 Lynda Morris worked for the Nigel Greenwood Gallery in London and spent many evenings drinking with Gilbert and George at the time they were making their "Drinking Sculptures". By tracing these drinking sessions and their participants the lecture gives some historical background on the work of this period. The lecture culminates with Gilbert and George's growing awareness of the darkening political climate in the UK which was to lead to the election of Margaret Thatcher and social confrontations over race and organised labour.

Lynda Morris is the Curator of the Norwich Gallery and of the annual exhibition EASTinternational which has been selected by Konrad Fischer, Richard Long, Giusseppi Penone, Marian Goodman, Peter Doig and Neo Rauch. She has written extensively about Conceptual Art, Realism and Figurative Painting and curated many exhibitions in the UK including the Book as Artwork 1960 to 1972 with Germano Celant for Nigel Greenwood. She organised the first showings in the UK of the work of Gerhard Richter, Bernd and Hilla Becher, Agnes Martin, Luc Tuyman, Hurvin Anderson, Lucy Mckenzie and Rosa Loy.