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20.11.2007 Les Mardis de l’Art

Les Mardis de l'Art - The Real Illusion. Seeing Photography as a Threshold

Lecture by Silvio Wolf

Photography has always addressed reality. It has recorded, witnessed and represented it until it has been identified as the perfect synonym for it as the Icon of the Real. It regards the visible, the apparent and the likelihood. The photographic image is fiction in a real form, as much as the Real in a virtual form. Photography exerts its power on time and space: not only by bearing witness to the past, but also by throwing light on the future and alluding to the possible. It shows us places that have no elsewhere, and presents that no longer need a past. It shows and occults, confirms and belies; it alludes to the invisible through the finite forms of the visible world. Photography may be seen as the limit between apparition and disappearance, real and possible: the vibrating threshold between visible and invisible.

Silvio Wolf was born in Italy, where he lives and works. He studied philosophy and psychology in Italy, and photography and visual arts in England. He has exhibited in galleries, museums and public spaces in Belgium, Canada, England, France, Germany, Italy, Korea, Luxembourg, Spain, Switzerland and the United States. He teaches photography at the European Institute of Design in Milan and is visiting professor at the School of Visual Arts in New York.