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Han Hoogerbrugge, Quatrosopus, 2011.


Lunchtime shorts: Quinten Leon, Han Hoogerbrugge

artiste(s): Quinten Leon, Han Hoogerbrugge
Discovery Zone, Luxembourg City Film Festival 2013

Lunchtime shorts. 12h00.
Admission: 4 €, free entrance with Discovery Zone Pass.

Quinten Leon, De Parel van '87, 2011 (37')

Quinten Leon (*1987 in Brussels), lives and works in Brussels, Belgium .

Portrait of a young artist who leaves for Stockholm where he will set up an exhibition. The film settles somewhere between a performance registration, a mockumentary, a portrait and a documented road movie. The dynamic of the film is driven by Ward Collin and Jules Comes's constant questions to Quinten Leon. During the trip the film questions art but also its own nature. Is this a road movie, a performance, a parody or a genuine portrait? 

Han Hoogerbrugge, Quatrosopus, 2011 (2')

Han Hoogerbrugge (*1963 in Rotterdam), lives and works in Rotterdam, The Netherlands

A figure with four faces on a rotating head - each face representing a different point of view - voices a range of dilemmas, contradictions and inner struggles about the issue of free speech. Using acute but humorous quotes from sources including poet Ezra Pound, novelist Charles Dickens, and bandleader Les Brown, the animation plays out as a succession of gestures, statements and questions, and features Hoogerbrugge himself as its conflicted main character. The immersive, ambient soundtrack is occasionally interrupted by a guitar riff from Neil Youngs's hit song  Rockin' in the Free World. Hovering between the poetic and the existential, the violent and the masochistic, the work intimates the problems that underscore the definition, and reality, of freedom of speech.


Han Hoogerbrugge, Quatrosopus, 2011.