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The Plot Spoiler.


The Plot Spoiler

artiste(s): Jeff Desom

Screening of The Plot Spoiler and No Title Yet (Les Amateurs). 7 p.m.

The Plot Spoiler tells the story of Stanley Kurtz who suffers from the rare condition of spoiling plots. He finds refuge in a world of VHS tapes until, one day, a strange underground organization, somehow related to vegetables, shows interest in him.

The Plotspoiler by director Jeff Desom. 2006.      
40 min.
Genre: amateur action movie.
In English


No Title Yet (Les Amateurs)
Deux amis tentent péniblement de réaliser un projet en commun.

No Title Yet (Les Amateurs) by Timbercrew / Alain Richard & Jeffrey Dentzer. 2002 - 2012.
38 min.
Genre: amateur action comedy.
In French and in Luxembourgish.

Screenings at 7 p.m.

In the framework of Making of.


The Plot Spoiler.