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22.10.2013 à 18:30 Les Mardis de l’Art

Variations on failure and weirdness

artiste(s): I.L.L. (Independent Little Lies)

At the verge of any crisis is the sense of failure. A failure of some kind; the failure of a system, the breaking of a dream, the bursting of a bubble. What does it mean to fail and how can embracing failure push you forwards?

This performative talk brings together artists, cultural activists and academics. The main language is English.

The initial project was developed by Claire Thill and is part of the residency of theatre collective Independent Little Lies (ILL) at Kulturfabrik in Esch. From June to December 2013 different artists from ILL organise events around the theme of "crisis". The focus is on creating a friendly, creative open space of sharing between artists and the audience. For over 15 years ILL has been creating collaborative and inter-disciplinary projects that deal with our contemporary culture and society.

Free entrance.


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