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Kelly Mark. Photo: Hugo St Laurent.

28.2.2019 at 19:00

Everything and Nothing

artist(s): Kelly Mark, Dean Baldwin, Elisabet Johannesdottir

Performance in the framework of the exhibition Buveurs de quintessences / Drinkers of quintessences.

Artist Kelly Mark (born 1967 in Welland, Canada) is interested in the effects of information saturation. The performance Everything and Nothing (2013/2019) highlights the tipping point between over-information and emptiness.

Reading with variable duration (30 'to 40'), performed in two parts by Dean Baldwin, who replaces the artist, and Luxembourgish actress Elisabet Johannesdottir. Presenting themselves face to face, they will answer each other by alternating reading of a text. After exchanging a podium, they will repeat the exercise, but this time, the roles will also have been reversed.


Kelly Mark. Photo: Hugo St Laurent.